Team Cystic Fibrosis or Team CF is here to provide assistance

 Did you know that there are currently about 30,000 people in the United States alone who are suffering from the illness called cystic fibrosis or CF? Every year, about a thousand more are being added to this number.  


But what exactly is cystic fibrosis? This illness is caused by a mutated Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator. Due to the mutation, it creates the build-up of mucus, sweat and fluids in the body causing difficulty in breathing and affecting several organs such as the lungs, pancreas, liver, intestine, bladder, reproductive organs, kidneys, among others. This means that those suffering from cystic fibrosis require care as they are often debilitated by the disease. It is also important to note that cystic fibrosis has no cure. Those with the illness are in it for life.  


In order to help out patients suffering from the disease and their families, Team Cystic Fibrosis or Team CF is here to provide assistance. Our goal is to conduct various events in order to provide support and/or raise funds. Team CF’s work include the following:  


Counselling and support to patients and their families 


We provide regular counselling and support to patients suffering from the disease. We know for a fact that since the illness can be debilitating, patients need to be exposed to other people who can help them cope. We conduct house-to-house visits and even schedule regular hospital appointments to cheer up the patients. At the same time, we also provide assistance to family members who serve as carers. We schedule regular meetings and events for them to learn more about the illness and how they can help the patients improve their quality of life.  


Events and Fundraising Activities 


The backbone of our work is really the conduct of various events and activities in order to raise funds for patients. We use the funds to support the hospitalization of indigent patients and to fund further research into the illness. Our fundraising activities have actually resulted into a lot of researches that have vastly improved the quality of life of the patients suffering from the disease. It has also funded our various programs that aim to provide support to patients and their families.  


Advocacy Activities 


We conduct various activities in order to advocate for support to the sufferers of CF. In this regard, we have gained the support of various organizations such as to help push for research and programs geared for improving the quality of life of sufferers.  


We will be very pleased if you would like to join us and be part of this advocacy. We strongly encourage all able-bodied individuals to link up with us and do what we can to push for this advocacy of helping the patients and sufferers of cystic fibrosis. We owe it to them to do what we can in order to help them lead better lives. Support the patients of CF, support Team Cystic Fibrosis.  


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