We are so happy that you were able to join our advocacy activities for the month of January. For those who were not able to do so, note that we still have various events in store for you this wonderful month of February. Take note of our events below and save them to your calendar. We encourage you to inform your friends and family members about these events. It will always be happier to have members of your networks around.  


February 3 – Regular Team CF Meeting 


Join us for our first regular meeting of the month. This meeting will be held to firm up schedules of February events and determine the activities of the following month. It will also be a chance for us to meet new members.  


February 14 – Give Love to CF Patients  


What’s the essence of Valentine’s Day if we don’t share the love that we have within ourselves to those suffering from cystic fibrosis. Join us as we do hospital hopping in Milwaukee to visit CF patients. Please bring with you flowers, chocolates or whatever gift you can bring to the patients in order to put wonderful smiles in their faces. This is just a once a year celebration so we hope that you can definitely join us.  


February 21 – Bingo event 


Have you ever played Bingo? Would you like to join our Bingo night and help out CF patients at the same time? We are holding a Wednesday night Bingo on February 21 at the biggest hospital in Milwaukee. We hope that you can join us. It is going to be a really fun night of games and charity.  


Feb 28 – Meeting with the medical foundation 


Of course we will not let February end just like that. We have a meeting with a group of medical researchers on the last day of February. Please come as they are expected to announce the latest results of their research.