This particular page is dedicated to those whom we have assisted in one way or another. Most of these are messages of thanks to our sponsors, whether individuals or organizations, who have provided us with funds to continue the work that we do.  


Miriam, 45 


I am a mother of a ten-year old child who has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Ever since she was small, it was always a challenge for our family to find the money necessary to continue with her treatment. With the help of Team CF, we were able to raise the funds and provide her with a better quality of life. I am so thankful to Team CF and to the donors who wholeheartedly give what they can in order to help patients like my daughter who are suffering from the disease.  


Jazz, 30 


I have a brother with cystic fibrosis. Growing up, it was very difficult for him and for our family as he always had to be confined to the hospital. More than the bills, it was difficult for us emotionally in coping with the toll of having a loved one who is constantly sick. Over the years, Team CF has been with us, helping us cope with the emotional toll of my brother’s sickness and providing us with the necessary emotional support.  


Richard, 25 


I am one of the many individuals who work with Team CF in providing support, financially or otherwise to the patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. I only started a year ago and I only do this in my spare time. What I can say is that it has been very fulfilling emotionally to be able to help out the patients with whatever kind of support that I can provide. If I don’t have the money to donate, I volunteer my time in meeting with the patients and their families and just listen to them. You can do that too.